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Game Data Strategy



Enemies (or monsters) are the obstacles to your sweet, sweet victory. They have stats in the same way that you do (see Mechanics for details), but contrast in that their movements are governed by the game's artificial intelligence. The difficulty of these monsters depends on their stats and their intelligence.


Every enemy comes with an array of stats, but these are the most important ones:

  • HP: The lifeblood of anything that moves. When something has zero HP, it is dead.
  • Armor: The shield of anything that moves. Armor for enemies is directly proportional to protection.
  • Accuracy: How likely an enemy will hit its target. This counts both for melee and ranged attacks on enemies.
  • Melee Damage: How much an adjacent attack will hurt. For enemies, this is governed by a 1d3+X, where X varies from enemy to enemy.
  • Projectile Damage: How much attacks at a distance will hurt. Enemies can hurt each other, although this does not result in monster infighting (as would occur in Doom).
  • Speed: How quickly the enemy moves. 100% speed means that each action will take one second: anything lower results in slower actions and anything higher results in faster actions.
  • Special abilities: If the enemy has a particular trait, it will be mentioned here. Things like teleportation, resurrection, regeneration, and resistances count as special abilities.

All lists are sorted by room depth (although unique bosses get to stay at the bottom of their list).


Game Data Strategy

Basic Enemies

Most enemies you will encounter are considered basic.

Nightmare Enemies

Upgraded versions of their basic counterparts, nightmare enemies are generally seen on Nightmare! difficulty and the Angel of 100 challenge.

Boss Enemies

Bosses are the masters of special levels. With some exceptions due to the Angel of 100 challenge, these enemies will only appear once per game.

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