Angel of Death

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Game Data Strategy
Angel of Death
Appearance: A
Health: 250 + 10×difficulty2 = 260, 290, 340, 410, 500
Armor: 10
Accuracy: +8
Melee Damage: 1d3+15 = 16-18 = 17 avg
Projectile Damage: None
Speed: 150%
Standard Depth: Unholy Cathedral
Experience Value: 1000
Inventory: None
AI habits: Uses items: No
Uses doors: No
Attack %: N/A
Special abilities: Takes no damage from fluids
Ingame description: Why doesn't a BFG work when you really need it? As if from a half forgotten nightmare, you encounter the harbinger of death...
Comments/special: Hunts player precisely. Will run through any fluid to reach player.
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