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Game Data Strategy

Almost every attack, against the player or against the minions of Hell, has a chance of missing its target.

Chance to Hit, by Accuracy
Accuracy Exact Chance Percent Chance
<5 4/216 2%
5 10/216 5%
6 20/216 9%
7 35/216 16%
8 56/216 26%
9 81/216 38%
10 108/216 50%
11 135/216 62%
12 160/216 74%
13 181/216 84%
14 196/216 91%
15 206/216 95%
>15 212/216 98%

Each attack has an accuracy (or to-hit) score depending on parameters like the weapon's accuracy and the attacker's traits. To determine if the attack hits, the game rolls 3d6. If the accuracy is greater than or equal to the roll then the attack hits, otherwise it misses. There is one exception to this rule: if the roll is 3 or 4 then the attack always hits, and if the roll is 17 or 18 then the attack always misses no matter how high the accuracy is.

The base accuracy for every attack is 10 (which gives a 50% chance to hit).

The following properties modify this accuracy:

  • Accuracy of the weapon (each weapon's page lists that weapon's accuracy bonus)
  • For the player, each level of the Eagle Eye trait provides a +2 bonus to all attacks
  • For each level of Brute, the player also receives an additional +2 bonus to melee attacks
  • If the attacker is running, it gets a -2 penalty
  • If the target is running, the attack receives a -4 penalty
Range Penalties
  • For ranged attacks, the accuracy decreases by 1 for every three units of distance from the target. This works out to -2 at LOS range. Weapons modified with a sniper weapon pack do not have this penalty.
  • Each enemy has an inherent accuracy bonus (as listed on its page)
  • Enemy accuracy is modified by difficulty level:
    • I'm Too Young To Die: -1
    • Hey, Not Too Rough: +0
    • Hurt Me Plenty: +0
    • Ultra-Violence: +2
    • Nightmare!: +2

Any shot that would otherwise hit an enemy that is outside your line of sight has an additional 50% chance to miss. Weapons modified with 2 sniper weapon packs do not have this penalty.

Explosive attacks that miss the target might still do damage if the target is caught in the blast radius. The attacks of revenants and arch-viles always explode on the targetted square, which is why accuracy doesn't really apply to them.

In addition, the player has an extra chance to dodge enemy attacks while moving (see Dodging).

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