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Many weapons in the game have an alternate fire mode (by default bound to 'F').


Aimed shot

An aimed shot has a +3 accuracy bonus, but takes twice as long as normal to fire. The doubling of firing time takes place after the firing time floor, so even with Son of a Gun level 5, an aimed shot will take at least 0.2s.

Single shot

The single shot alternate fire allows the player to fire only a single shot from a multi-shot weapon. The firing time is the same, so the only advantage is ammo conservation.

Rocket jump

The rocketjump shoots a rocket that will travel only one square before exploding. The explosion has significantly increased knockback, and deals only half damage to the player. (The knockback calculation uses the full damage, not the halved damage.) When shooting a rocketjump into a wall, keep in mind that projectiles explode on the tiles before reaching the wall, so there will be no knockback in this case.

Chain fire

Chainfire allows rapid-fire weapons to build up their shot count by firing consecutively for several turns. The first consecutive turn of chainfiring gives only 2/3 (rounded up) the normal number of shots. The second turn gives the normal number of shots. Every subsequent turn gives 3/2 the normal number of shots (rounded down). Chainfiring always starts aiming at the previously targeted square (except for the first turn of chainfiring) and pans to the newly targeted square.


Throwing allows the combat knife to be used as a ranged weapon. Throwing has a maximum range: the projectile won't leave an 11 by 11 square around the player. This will cause the knife to become unequipped, but the knife can later be picked up again from wherever it landed. Throwing ignores attack speed bonuses and always takes 1.0s. Despite being a ranged attack, throwing accepts melee-only damage bonuses and is allowed in Angel of Berserk. Note however that the melee accuracy bonus of Brute does not apply, only the universal accuracy bonus of Eagle Eye can make throwing more accurate.


Whirlwind requires that the player's tactics are cautious, and it tires the player out. Attacking with whirlwind gives the player a normal melee attack against each of the eight surrounding spaces. The total time cost is the cost of 8 melee attacks minus 5.0s.

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