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Game Data Strategy

Knockback is the action of being moved from one tile to another by means of a damage source. In DoomRL terms, rather than saying that a player was knocked back some number of tiles, it is more common to use the expression "took X knockback" where X is the number of tiles displaced.

Knockback calculations are performed as follows:

  • Damage source changes the amount of damage required per tile of knockback.
    • Melee weapons never cause knockback
    • Most ranged weapons require 12 points of damage per tile of knockback
    • Shotgun weapons and most explosions (as well as the direct explosive missile) require 7 points of damage per tile
    • BFG explosions require 14 points of damage per tile
    • Rocket jump explosions require 2 points of damage per tile
  • Any knockback modifiers affect the overall knockback rate.
    • If wielding the Butcher's Cleaver, Longinus Spear, or Dragonslayer, any knockback taken is halved.
    • If a player has ranks in the Badass Trait, reduce the number of tiles knocked back by one per rank.
    • Any number modifiers due to armor affect knockback as a percentage (100 + modifer), which then rounds to the nearest tile for knockback purposes.
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