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Armor is the last line of defense between you and anything that wants to kill you.

Primarily, armor is used as a way to prevent damage, but there are other statistics. The most important ones are as follows:

  • Protection: This is the amount of damage that is absorbed by the armor. Typically, you subtract the protection value from damage taken and the difference is how much damage the player takes, although damage types can change this result.
  • Resistances: This is an additional source of damage reduction that applies differently to each damage type.

There are separate resistances for body and legs - almost exclusively these are granted by body armors for body and by boots for legs. As with armor and boots protection, respective resistances are only applied according to the source of damage - legs resistance is applied against hazardous terrain only, body resistances are applied against any other source of damage. Another source is being berserk, which grants 60% resistance to everything while active.

  • Movespeed modifier: This is how much the armor affects your movespeed. It can be a positive number, meaning that you move faster while wearing the armor, or a negative number, meaning that you move slower instead.
  • Knockback modifier: This affects how much by which the player is knocked back from damage sources. It can be a positive number, meaning you will get knocked back farther than normal, or a negative number, meaning you will get knocked back less.

Similarly to player's health, armor and boots also have a Durability stat that is subject to damage taken. Durability drops by 1 for each 1HP of damage the player takes, after the armor's/boots' resistances and protection are applied (i.e. the durability loss is not dependent upon the damage the armor or boots prevent). It the damage type is Acid, then the durability loss is doubled. When armor is damaged enough, it starts to become less effective:

  • When durability drops below 50%, the item is damaged. It's protection and all resistances are cut in half and rounded down. There's an exception - if the item original protection value was at least 1 (e.g. green armor), the reduced protection would stay at least 1. Damaged items are displayed in yellow text.
  • When durability drops below 25%, the item is severely damaged, and it's protection and all resistances are cut in half and rounded down again. The same exception as above applies here. Severely damaged items are displayed in red text.
  • When durability drops to 0%, the armor/boots are destroyed and disappear from your equipment slot, leaving it empty. In case of certain unique armors and boots, they are not destroyed, but their protection and resistances all drop to 0.
  • Movespeed and knockback modifiers are not affected by low durability.

Armors with base durability higher than 100% (e.g. gothic armor) do not become damaged when durability drops to one half of their maximum durability - and armor with 200% base durability is at full efficiency all the way down to 50%. Durability can be restored primarily by armor shards or a Megasphere (restores all durability). This also restores protection and resistances according to the previous paragraph. Certain armors cannot be repaired. Other armors do not have a durability stat - they cannot be destroyed or damaged.


Body Armor

Wearing body armor provides protection against most sources of damage: enemy attacks, splash damage, and explosions. Note that body armor has no effect on damage from hazardous terrain.




Foot Armor (Boots)

Wearing boots provides protection against hazardous terrain. They are also a source of reducing knockback or increasing movespeed of a player with the help of mods.




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