Berserker Armor

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Game Data Strategy
Berserker Armor
Protection Varies from 4~19 (by current HP)
Resistances 50% bullet, 50% shrapnel, 50% melee
Durability Infinite
Move Speed -70%
Knockback -90%
How to get it Random (10+), The Mortuary, Limbo
Appearance [
Ingame Description How in the world could one wear that???
Spoiler: [You can only wear this armor if you wield the Dragonslayer.]

Cannot be unequipped. Armor protection value is 4 + Min(0, (100-(Current HP percent))*0.16) (rounded down). If you wear both the Dragonslayer and Berserker Armor, nightmare demons will continuously spawn in the map. You CANNOT stop spawning of these nightmare demons, so you'd better not try achieving 100% kill rate while equipping DS/BA set.

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