Hell Fortress

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Game Data Strategy
Hell Fortress
Depth: 25
Entrance Text: N/A
Reward Text: N/A
Exit Text: N/A
Monsters on ITYTD: John Carmack
Monsters on HNTR: Same as before.
Monsters on HMP: Yep still him...
Monsters on UV: ...and he just summoned a few dozen Barons to keep you company...
Monsters on N!: ...so have fun.
Rewards: None
Description/tips: Winning the game here nets you a full victory.

John Carmack periodically summons extra creatures to fight you, eight at a time. Which ones he summons depends on how damaged he is. (None of them give you experience)

If he's unhurt, almost unhurt, or scratched, Lost souls.

If he's lightly wounded or wounded, Cacodemons.

If he's heavily wounded, Hell knights.

If he's severely wounded, Barons of Hell.

If he's mortally wounded or almost dead, Revenants.

If you damage John Carmack before he sees you, he will summon extra Barons of Hell around you. (These ones *do* give you experience)

For one final note, if you enter Hell Fortress with the Dragonslayer and Berserker Armor equipped, John Carmack will be replaced by the Apostle

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