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Game Data Strategy
Appearance: @
Health: 255
Armor: 30
Accuracy: +2 melee, N/A ranged (see below)
Melee Damage: 1d3+12 = 13-15 = 14 avg
Projectile Damage: 40d1 = 40 (always): plasma damage, radius 3
Speed: 160%
Standard Depth: Hell Fortress, 100th floor of Angel of 100, 666th floor of Archangel of 666
Experience Value:
Inventory: None
AI habits: Uses items: No
Uses doors: Yes
Attack %: 60
Special abilities: Take no damage from fluids. Ranged attack is instant: it always hits its target tile and has no projectile. Heals itself. Teleports and resurrects dead monsters.
Ingame description: This seems so unreal, as though from another story...
Comments/special: Appears instead of John Carmack if you are wielding Dragonslayer and Berserker Armor. You can also encounter him in the 100th floor of Angel of 100 challenge or the 666th floor of Archangel of 666 (provided that you are equipping Dragonslayer and Berserker Armor). Killing Apostle in standard game always awards a full win. Killing Apostle in Angel of 100 or Archangel of 666 always awards a standard win.
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