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Game Data Strategy
Dragonslayer - Melee Family
Damage: 9d9/9-81
Average Damage: 45
Damage Type: Melee
Accuracy: +0
Alternate Fire: Whirlwind
How to get it: Random (16+), Unholy Cathedral
Quote on pickup: Release the power of the BERSERKER!
Appearance: \
Ingame Description: It was called the Dragonslayer, because no human could wield it...
Comments/special: The Dragonslayer cannot be picked up without fulfilling special conditions. Since the beginning of time, these conditions have been secret, but our lord and saviour, Kornel, has seen fit to bestow his blessing on revealing the secret in spoiler tags:

[You must be berserk and have no weapons or armour equipped in any of the four slots.]

If the conditions are satisfied, the weapon goes straight into your hands and cannot be unequipped or swapped out. Picking up this item causes the player to go berserk immediately and permanently. Also, this weapon halves knockback while wielded. The Dragonslayer is a blade and can be used with Malicious Blades. If you wear both the Dragonslayer and Berserker Armor, nightmare demons will continuously spawn in the map. You CANNOT stop spawning of these nightmare demons, so you'd better not try achieving 100% kill rate while equipping DS/BA set.

Source: Berserk (manga)
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