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Game Data Strategy

There are a few items that give the player a temporary enhancement. These enhancements are shown in the game's heads-up display. The duration of these effects is based on the number of actions that the player takes rather than the standard measure of time. (Only actions that take at least 0.1s of game time count.) When the counter for an effect is at 5 turns or less, the indicator on the heads-up display will darken.



Being berserk gives 60% to all the player's resistances, increases the player's speed by 50% for all actions, doubles melee damage before armor reduction. The player can't run while berserking.

Berserk is most commonly received from Berserk Packs and the Berserker trait.


Being invulnerable prevents the player or the player's equipment from taking any damage whatsoever. The player is also healed to max health as long as they aren't on a challenge that prevents healing. The player does still suffer from knockback.

Invulnerable is most commonly received from Invulnerability Globes.


The envirosuit effect completely negates all acid and lava damage from affecting the player or his boots, and gives 25% acid & fire resistance.

Envirosuit can only be received from the envirosuit pack item.

Light Amplification

The light amplification effect increases the player's sight radius by 4 tiles.

Light Amplification can only be received from the Light-Amp Goggles powerup.

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