The Mortuary

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Game Data Strategy
The Mortuary
Depth: 20 (Does not appear on ITYTD)
Entrance Text: The smell of blood! Can this be real?? The floor is is covered by blood, and there are corpses everywhere! Suddenly with a wail, arch-viles appear!
Reward Text: Suddenly everything is peaceful. Rest in peace, damned souls... A presence! Of something holy! Here in this hell? Press <Enter>... Find it under the corpses!
Exit Text: If all enemies are dead:

As you descend the stairs you hear a wail. They're back... There's only one way to end this...


You flee! You flee like hell from this cursed place!

Monsters on ITYTD: N/A
Monsters on HNTR: arch-vile (x5), corpses (x135-405) randomly chosen from former human, former sergeant, former captain, imp, demon, cacodemon, baron of hell, hell knight, arachnotron
Monsters on HMP: arch-vile (x6), corpses (x140-410) randomly chosen from the previous list as well as former commando
Monsters on UV: arch-vile (x7), corpses (x145-415) randomly chosen from the previous list as well as mancubus
Monsters on N!: arch-vile (x7), corpses (x140-420) randomly chosen from the previous list; mancubi corpses are twice as likely
Rewards: armor shard (x4), Supercharge Globe (x6), red armor (x6), large med-pack (x4), power mod pack, bulk mod pack, assault shotgun, nuclear BFG 9000, Angelic Armor or Berserker Armor
Description/tips: Arch-viles spawn in random locations. If played on Nightmare!, note that enemies do not stop respawning after the Angelic Armor appears. Berserker Armor appears if you achieved the Hell Arena Pwnage medal earlier in the game. (By conquering Hell's Arena on Nightmare! difficulty without taking damage)
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