Former sergeant

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Game Data Strategy
Former sergeant
Appearance: h
Health: 10
Armor: 0
Accuracy: -2 melee, N/A ranged (see below)
Melee Damage: Max(1d3-1,1) = 1-2 = 1.5 avg
Projectile Damage: Attacks with a shotgun: 8d3 = 8-24 = 16 avg)
Speed: 70%
Standard Depth: 2-15
Experience Value: 32
Inventory: Shotgun, Shotgun shell (x30)
AI habits: Uses items: Yes
Uses doors: Yes
Attack %: 75
Special abilities: None
Ingame description: Same as former human soldiers, but meaner and tougher. They'll provide you with an extra hole if you're not careful. They always carry a shotgun, so be on your guard!
Comments/special: N/A
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