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Levers are basic objects that appear on occasion throughout DoomRL. By definition they are items, but are more akin to powerups than anything else: they can be destroyed by splash damage rather easily and tend to disappear on use. Levers are always associated with the & symbol.

In random levels, many different types of levers are created and are normally indistinguishable from one another. By investing in the Intuition trait, more information can be known about the lever before pulling it. The following is a list of all random levers and the information regarding them:

Exact Description General Description Uses Map-wide Level feeling Effect
floods with water neutral 1 The air is really humid here... Sets all cells unoccupied by barrels or doors with water in the room/map.
floods with acid dangerous 1 In the State of Denmark there was the odor of decay... Sets all cells unoccupied by barrels or doors with acid in the room/map.
floods with lava dangerous 1 You feel that smell? That gasoline smell? Oh hell... Sets all cells unoccupied by barrels or doors with lava in the room/map.
explodes barrels neutral 1 N/A All barrels on the map are simultaneously detonated.
destroys walls dangerous 1 You hear the trumpets of Jericho echoing in the distance... Sets all walls in the room/map (excluding border walls) to the default floor cell for the map.
kills creatures beneficial 1 The smell of a massacre... Hurts all enemies in the room/map by 20 HP. If this kills an enemy, that enemy is gibbed.
spawns enemies dangerous 1-3 N/A Spawns a random number of enemies directly adjacent to the lever: these enemies give no experience and are based on the current danger level.
repairs armor beneficial 1-3 N/A Repairs currently-equipped armor and boots by the same amounts as an armor shard.
heals player beneficial 1-3 N/A Heals player by the same amount as a small med-pack.
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