Cybernetic Armor

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Game Data Strategy
Cybernetic Armor
Protection 7
Resistances 50% bullet, 50% shrapnel, 50% melee
Durability 100%
Move Speed -30%
Knockback -30%
How to get it Random (10+) and a possible reward in Hell's Armory and Deimos Lab.
Appearance [
Ingame Description All those cybernetic dongles look fishy!
The Cybernetic Armor is fully moddable by Technicians. It cannot be unequipped or destroyed by damage. The Cybernetic armor is one of the few cursed objects in the game, which means one cannot unequip it by any means. But unlike most of them, it does not have infinite nor regenerating durability, and it will lose all its protection if its durability reaches 0%, making it an effective death trap without an Onyx mod nor Nano mod.
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