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Assemblies are the finished product of combining standard Weapons/Armor or Special equipment with a particular set of mod packs. Some assemblies can only be made with a particular piece of equipment, while others can take a variety of different weapons, armors, or boots. There are three types of assemblies: Basic, Advanced and Master.

You may choose not to assemble when prompted. If you do so, you will instead have a normal modified piece of equipment that can be modified further (if your Whizkid level allows it). The latter is particularly useful to remember if you're trying to figure out basic assembly combinations or when trying to assemble a higher rank assembly the recipe for which partially matches a lower rank assembly recipe (for example, the power armor and the nanofiber skin armor).

Modpacks can be added in any order, with the exception: second mod of the same type can be added to armor/boots/melee weapon only when completing an assembly, since those can only accept one mod of a kind at once. Ranged weapons don't have this limitation.

Assemblies can also be modded in limited circumstances. If the player has the second level of Whizkid before the assembly is finished, they may then add a single mod to that assembled item.

The schematics are listed in the order in which they appear on the in-game assembly screen, listing their name, base equipment and the required mods.

Mod types in the tables below are:

Mod type Shorthand
Power P
Agility A
Bulk B
Technical T
Firestorm F
Sniper S
Onyx O
Nano N


Basic assemblies require two mod packs and can be built at any point in the game. Current list of basic assemblies:

Assembly Base Mods
chainsword combat knife PB
piercing blade any melee weapon AP
speedloader pistol pistol AT
elephant gun shotgun PP
gatling gun chaingun BB
micro launcher rocket launcher TT
tactical armor green armor AA
tactical boots steel boots AA
nanofiber armor any armor BP
high power weapon any non-shotgun, clip > 5 PB
power armor any common armor PN
tactical shotgun combat shotgun PT
tower shield red armor PO
fireproof armor any armor BT
fireproof boots any boots BT
ballistic armor any armor AT
plasmatic shrapnel any shotgun PS
grappling boots any boots TT
lava boots any boots TO


Advanced assemblies require three mod packs and require the first level of Whizkid to be built. Current list of advanced assemblies:

Assembly Base Mods
double chainsaw chainsaw PPB
tactical rocket launcher rocket launcher BBB
storm bolter pistol any pistol TBB
assault rifle any rapid fire weapon AAA
energy pistol any pistol PPT
burst cannon any rapid fire weapon PBB
VBFG9000 any BFG 9000 PPP
enviromental boots any boots PBT
fireshield red armor BTO
nanofiber skin armor any armor PPN
antigrav boots any boots AAN
nano-shrapnel any shotgun PPN
hyperblaster plasma rifle ATT
focused double shotgun double shotgun PAT


Master assemblies require four mod packs and require both levels of Whizkid to be built. Current list of master assemblies:

Assembly Base Mods
nanomanufacture ammo any ranged non-shotgun, non-BFG BBBN
demolition ammo any 10mm-based weapon PTTF
cybernano armor any armor PPON
biggest fucking gun any BFG 9000 BBFF
ripper chainsaw TPPB
cerberus boots any boots PPTA
cerberus armor any armor PPTA
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