Demolition ammo

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Game Data Strategy
Demolition ammo
Damage: Xd2, X is Original + 2 dice, radius 1
Average Damage: Varies
Damage Type: Fire
Accuracy: Original
Base Fire Time: Original
Base Reload Time: Original
Clip Size: Original
Ammunition: Original
Alternate Fire: Original
Alternate Reload: Original
How to get it: Assembly: 10mm weapon + PTTF
Quote on pickup: N/A
Appearance: }
Ingame Description: Assembly (same as original)
Comments/special: 1dN weapons (even the Minigun) are too weak to really clear your path even with additional P mod. But Combat pistol, having 3d3, becomes 5d2 / 6d2, easily making holes of necessary size.

The strengths of this assembly are less conspicuous than most, more details are in the strategy section for this page.

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