Firestorm weapon pack

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Game Data Strategy
Firestorm weapon pack
Appearance: "
Effect: Rapid-fire weapons: Gives 2 more shots per burst

Explosive weapons: Increases blast radius by 2

How to get it: Random (10+), Hell's Armory
Ingame Description: A modification for rapid or explosive weapons -- increases shots by 2 for rapid, and blast radius by 2 for explosive weapons.
Comments/special: For the purposes of the firestorm weapon pack, rapid-fire weapons are those with at least 3 shots per burst and explosive weapons are those with a blast radius of at least 3. For a weapon that would qualify as both, preference is given to rapid-fire.

Note: Whizkids can also use firestorm packs on pistols as part of the demolition ammo assembly, which can be among the strongest uses of this item.

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