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Game Data Strategy

Monsters have a chance of targeting your previous position instead of your current one. The chance of an enemy firing wrong in this way is computed as follows:

(initial chance) + (distance chance)*(distance) + (20 [only if running]) + (bonuses)

Two things grant dodge bonuses:

The effects of the dodge bonuses are multiplied together when from different sources. All levels of hellrunner are one source.

This is capped at 95%. If you have Dodgemaster, you always dodge the first projectile per monster per attack. For initial and distance chance, refer to the table below.

Attack type Initial chance (%) Distance chance (%)
pistol/chaingun 10 3
rocket launcher1(4) 30 5
plasma rifle 30 3
fireball1(1) (Imp) 50 5
plasma ball1(1) (Cacodemon) 50 4
acid ball1(1) (hell knight) 50 5
acid ball1(2) (baron of hell) 50 3
plasma burst (Arachnotron) 20 4
homing rocket1(1) ,2 (Revenant) 30 6
flame wall1(1) ,2 (Arch-vile) 10 10
flame burst1(2) (Mancubus) 100 N/A

1: Attack causes splash (radius indicated in parentheses)

2: Attack always lands on targeted tile


  • If you're moving parallel to the monster's line of fire, none of this matters and the chance of getting hit will depend only on the monster's to-hit chance.
  • Mancubi fire three shots: one to each side and directly toward you. The side shots are typically fired in such a way that dodging is often impossible, given that the shots tend to hit anything in their path.
  • Revenants and Arch-viles, with the potent combination of homing and splash, still hit close enough to damage you even when you successfully dodge. To avoid their attacks you have to move so quickly that you move twice in only one of THEIR turns, and THEN roll a dodge. This means their attack lands far enough away to not harm you. Players using hellrunner and fast boots can reasonably expect this to happen regularly.
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