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Game Data Strategy

Dodging is simply moving perpendicular (or nearly perpendicular) to a ranged attack in order to get out of the projectile's path and avoid damage by a direct hit. Dodging in this way is not as effective against a ranged attack from an Arch-vile, Mancubus, or a Revenant.

Important notes:

  • The hellrunner trait adds 15% to your dodge chance (you will be 15% more likely to doge the attack)
  • Nowadays, as of version, the Tactical armor and Tactical boots assemblies give you a 10% dodge bonus each.
  • Generally, the faster your move speed is, the better chance of dodging is.
  • Dodge bonus is capped at 95%. However, if you have the Dodgemaster trait, you will dodge at least the first projectile of the attack.

If your move speed is extremely slow, such as if you are wearing a very heavy armor or boots, it may seem that you "dodged" the attack but still got hit. This can be seen best with the Cyberdemon. If you have Dodgemaster, and a very heavy armor on, you might sidestep in anticipation that he will fire at you. If he hits you, its not a bug. It's just that he didn't fire the next turn, but your move speed was so slow that he got an extra turn and fired at you during that one.

To dodge effectively, make sure you move in a perpendicular motion do the enemy. You can also do the diagonal-sidestep method (constantly using the Home-End-PgUp-PgDn keys to move in a diagonal sidestepping motion) to dodge any attacks that may come at you from unseen enemies.

More notes:

  • The closer you get to the enemy, the less chance you have of dodging that attack (excluding Dodgemaster)
  • Conversely, the farther away you are from the enemy, the better chance you have of dodging that attack.
  • It is impossible to dodge a spread attack from a shotgun of any kind.
  • There is a strange "bug" in this game that occurs when you have a very fast move speed. For instance, if your move speed is 0.3 seconds, it is possible to miss a ranged Arch-vile attack by 3 tiles, completely missing the splash.
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