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Game Data Strategy

The player and all other denizens of Phobos have health scores that represent how hard they are to kill.

Health Descriptions
Percent Description
1-10% almost dead
11-20% mortally wounded
21-35% severely wounded
36-50% heavily wounded
51-70% wounded
71-80% lightly wounded
81-90% scratched
91-99% almost unhurt
100% unhurt
>100% boosted

When a creature is attacked, it receives some amount of damage. This damage is subtracted from the creature's health. If a creature's health is reduced to 0 or lower, then that creature dies.

Each creature also has a maximum health score. This is the amount of health the creature has before it has been damaged. Unlike health, maximum health scores do not typically change.

The game does not report health scores directly. The player's health is reported on the HUD as a percentage of his maximum health. The health of monsters can be qualitatively observed using the look command.

There are many items that will restore the players health. Some items, like med-packs, cannot increase the player's health beyond its maximum. Others, like globes, can, but even these cannot increase the player's health past 200% of the maximum.

When the player's health is greater than 100% of the maximum, then the player will lose 1 health every 5.0 seconds (of game time). The health decay threshold is increased to 150% of maximum health for the first rank in the Badass trait, and 200% for the second rank.

As expected, creatures all start with at 100% of their maximum health. The player's maximum health is 50 at the start of the game. This value can be increased by the Ironman trait. The maximum health of enemies varies; each enemies health is listed on the appropriate page. Typical values are between 10 and 60. Bosses can have much more.

If you are a newbie player, you might be confused with HP. What is HP, and why is it 60 when I'm a Marine? My full health is 100%!

Well, in short, HP is Health Points. Damage inflicted on you is taken off from your Health Points. So, if a former human shoots you for 7 damage, and you have blue armor on (+2) then the actual damage you recieve is 5. So, if you are at full health, your HP goes from 60/60 to 55/60. The percentage you see is just the percentage of your current HP to your max HP (55/60 as a percent, in other words, 91.667% or displayed as 92%). Taking the Ironman increases your max HP by +10.

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