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Game Data Strategy
Appearance: C
Health: 200+10×difficulty2 = 210, 240, 290, 360, 450
Armor: 4
Accuracy: +8 melee, +12 ranged
Melee Damage: 1d3+15 = 16-18 = 17 avg
Projectile Damage: Attacks with a rocket launcher: 6d6 = 6-36 = 21 avg
Speed: 110%
Standard Depth: Tower of Babel, or 80 and lower on A100
Experience Value: 2720
Inventory: Rocket launcher, rocket (x30)
AI habits: Uses items: Yes
Uses doors: Yes
Attack %: 75%
Special abilities: Takes no damage from fluids nor from its own attacks. Immune to knockback.
Ingame description: Monster and machine, combined. Equipped with a rocket launcher, this nightmare is the worst thing you can find in Hell. Or at least that is what you hope...
Comments/special: Hunts player precisely.
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