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Game Data Strategy
Appearance: C
Health: 200+10×difficulty2 = 210, 240, 290, 360, 450
Armor: 4
Accuracy: +8 melee, +12 ranged
Melee Damage: 1d3+15 = 16-18 = 17 avg
Projectile Damage: Attacks with a rocket launcher: 6d6 = 6-36 = 21 avg
Speed: 110%
Standard Depth: Tower of Babel, or 80 and lower on A100
Experience Value: 2720
Inventory: Rocket launcher, rocket (x30)
AI habits: Uses items: Yes
Uses doors: Yes
Attack %: 75%
Special abilities: Has +2 vision range. Takes no damage from fluids nor from its own attacks. Immune to knockback.
Ingame description: Monster and machine, combined. Equipped with a rocket launcher, this nightmare is the worst thing you can find in Hell. Or at least that is what you hope...
Comments/special: Hunts player precisely: will run through any fluids to reach the player. While it is programmed to be able to use items and armor, it will always ignore them in its constant pursuit of the player. It will additionally fire its rockets at the player even if they're behind walls, as long as they're within its would-be vision radius.
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