Agony elemental

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Game Data Strategy
Agony elemental
Appearance: O
Health: 150 + 5 × difficulty2 = 155, 170, 195, 230, 275
Armor: 4
Accuracy: +2 melee
Melee Damage: 1d3+6 = 7-9 = 8 avg
Projectile Damage: None
Speed: 100%
Standard Depth: City of Skulls, or 80 and lower on A100
Experience Value: 1220
Inventory: None
AI habits: Uses items: No
Uses doors: No
Attack %: N/A
Special abilities: Takes no damage from fluids; spawns a pain elemental or 3 lost souls (25% chance per action) when visible. On death, spawns 2 pain elementals and 6 lost souls.
Ingame description: Seems like the pain elementals big momma!
Comments/special: Avoids player as much as possible, but will use melee attack if in range. Will move through any fluid without hesitation. On death, randomly drops three random combinations of the following items: blood skull, fire skull, hatred skull. Drops nothing on Ao100/Ao666 games.
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