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** [[Strategy:Giftdropping|Giftdropping]]
** [[Strategy:Giftdropping|Giftdropping]]
** [[Strategy:Radar shooting|Radar shooting]]
** [[Strategy:Radar shooting|Radar shooting]]
== Modding Community ==
== Modding Community ==

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Welcome to the DoomRL Wiki, wherein detailed game information, strategy tips, and modding documentation are found. If you wish to make edits and generally contribute to increasing the sum of knowledge in the community, you can log in with your ChaosForge.org forum login and password. (Note that you must have at least 20 forum posts, or be a supporter, in order to login.)

Game Information

This section is meant to be as objective as possible. DO NOT add your opinions in these pages regarding their subject matter. (Naturally, if there are definite errors on any pages in Game Information, you can edit for that purpose.)

Strategy Emporium

Stuff like strategy guides, tips and tricks, etc, goes here. To what extent the big guides go here is debatable, as this is meant to be talk-heavy as opposed to edit-heavy.

Modding Community

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