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Game Manual

Linking from these pages are the help/manual files of DoomRL. Each major release these will be imported back into the game itself. This way the manual will be easier to keep up to date, at the same time allowing the community to participate in fixing and updating.

Please do not Wikify these pages, and keep the Valkyrie color codes (tags beginning with "@" followed by a letter) intact!

Correcting mistakes, however, is OK.

Game Configuration

There are a rather large number of customizable options in DoomRL. They are separated into five files with the .LUA extension.

  • config.lua handles the more general and/or miscellaneous settings, as well as sets up the other configuration files.
  • keybindings.lua links all game actions to a particular key binding.
  • sound.lua links all game objects to a particular sound binding.
  • music.lua links all game levels to a particular music binding.
  • color.lua allows you to customize any game object with any different color.
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