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Credits in this particular production go to Ilya Bely, for feedback, ideas
and the enthusiasm that allowed me to actually finish something I started,
and (my oh my!) release it...

Thanks to my first beta-testers: Joseph Hewitt, Igor Savin, Timo Viitanen,
ABCGi, David Damerell and Andrzej Kosnikowski.

Special thanks goes to all the DoomRL forum regulars, especially (but not 
only!) to Aki, Anticheese, Dervis, Derek Yu, jake250, Malek, Santiago 
Zapata, Thomas, Jorge Alonso, tehtmi, Game Hunter, Jered Cain and Turgor 
for providing valuable ideas to the new release of DoomRL.

Big thanks to Simon Volpert for the DoomRL special level music tracks!

Also, a big thanks to the #chaosforge IRC Channel Lurkers and Regulars :).

Big thanks to Michalis Kamburelis for maintaining the 32-bit nightly DoomRL
builds machine!

Thanks to Malek and Derek Yu for the talent descriptions.

Also big thanks goes to MaiZure for his help with marketing and PR :)

Finally a big thanks to Gargulec, for PR, press releases, ideas, motivation
kicks and being epic in general!

He's the list of the TOP 10 people who keep ChaosForge running, based on 

1. thelaptop
2. Tavana
3. alias
4. MaiZure
5. zaimoni
6. UnderAPaleGreySky
7. Kaz
8. Fidsah
9. Blade
10. Game Hunter

(same numbers note ex aequo result)

The unsorted list of other great people that have donated : AeoniX, Aki, 
Aoanla, BDR, BehroozWolf, bfg9001, Burzmali, Count0, Deaven, Derek Yu, 
Dervis, FantomFang, FlynnTheAvatar, Gargulec, GenTechJ, Grassi, Grim, 
Gulthorpe, Herschel, Hjassan, j1r, JysusCryst, Kohlrabi, lyconaut, 
Madrayken, Madtrixr, maso, Nillo, Picklish, rekenne, RickVoid, Rook, 
Sdlonyer55, ssfsx17, Styro, Super Jamie, TameTick, Tupeco, Vestin, 
Davidek, Guillaume Voisine, dying_sphynx, Nomad, Rax, Mazinkaiser, 
Iltavuo, PFL, So_1337, olberg, Egor, wolis, Sylph, Buzzard,  samspot, 
termith, pndrev, Ivan Kanis, areacode212, Napsterbater, ceb, qbert911, 
Iskander, Project Dark Fox, Agetian, Khallis, felttippen, NullPointer,
Joseph Hewitt, Xi over Xi-bar, siema, buzzbomber, MEDIEVAL_MIKU, 
GenTechJ, PSG-01, you, bumdum, reamer_rick, Teku, Damerell, spooky fox,
Kolya, Smokey899, lishain, UltimateChaos, rchandra, enne, KoboldPrime,
grommile, mcz117chief, Brutalist, UnderAPaleGreySky, Blade, raekuul,
nilhaus, Game Hunter, Shinji_Ikari_9th, XC3N, Sereg, scotherns,
Argent Hawk, dougjoe2e, Mrazerty, Battleguy, Aerdan,  DaEezT, torch,
Baphomet, Chief, Dihotom, DeathDealer, Fidsah, BrickGun , Aerdan,
Fanta Hege, beef623, Thexare, MY SPATULA, Sihoiba, asche, Battleguy,
Tim James, MICU, Tuor Huorson, Yando The Man, Cirrus, Burrito Al Pastor,
appuru, TheDrill, Passionario and ZellSF,

Also thanks to the whole crew of> for
the years spent together and the warm welcome of my game!
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