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Players are allowed to load custom game content into the DoomRL engine using the Custom Game menu option. These packages (called modules, mods, or wads) of new content are created by various members of the DoomRL community; look for modules on the modding forum.


Getting Started

As of right now the best place to learn about modding DoomRL is to view the source code of current mods and, if you can't find what you need there, to ask for advice on the Chaosforge IRC channel, #chaosforge. Mods and their sources can be found in the modding section of the Chaosforge forums. IRC, if you are not familiar with it already, can be accessed quickly by using a free web based IRC client like the one found here. Unfortunately BOTH sources are filled with obsolete information, as is this wiki. It will get better over time.

Although currently very out of date there is a series of tutorials in place to help with some of the basics of modding (as well as some advanced tricks for more experienced modders). It is suggested that you read through these if you want to understand most of the documentation. If you want to learn only enough to build a quick map, head to the tutorial Constructing a Map for guidelines and an example.

If you're just here to figure out how to play modules, it is a very simple process:

  • Download either a folder with the .module extension (this is a "raw" module) or a file with the .WAD extension.
  • Place the folder or file into your "modules" directory, located in your DoomRL folder.
  • Start DoomRL, then select the "Custom Game" option.
  • Select from any of the modules in the menu, at which point the normal game startup procedure will begin.


This section is documents the DoomRL modding system including the various objects and libraries available to modders.


Base Object

Main Objects

Secondary Objects



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