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This page contains all Strategy-based pages included in the strategy contest (found here on the Chaosforge forums), as well as any winners for them. It also contains information regarding the contest.


Contest Rules

Entries will be graded on the merit of the information given, rather than its sheer volume. While it is true that a large and informative entry will likely be marked higher than a small and informative entry (simply because it contains more amounts of useful information), the key factors that attribute to a successful entry are:

  • Detail - either in having many possible strategies, or explaining the various considerations of a given strategy
  • Originality - creativity, regarding both the strategy itself and how it is presented
  • Accuracy - up-to-date for the current public version, and valid as a strategy itself
  • Comprehension - one with basic knowledge of game mechanics (and, if necessary, an accompanying Game Data page) should understand the strategy
  • Focus - keep to the scope of the topic at hand

All entries should be emailed to using the following format:

  • The subject line should read "[WIKICOMP#X] Strategy:" (minus quotes, where X is the competition number), followed by the topic
    • example: [WIKICOMP#1] Strategy:Rocket launcher
  • The entry itself can either be written in the body of the email, separate from the rest of the email's content, or as a document file attached to the email. For procedures on formatting, refer to the formatting guidelines just after the rules.
  • Include a username somewhere in the email. Your forum name is recommended (and necessary, if you want to get your prize) but any name will do. If no username is given, it will default to the email address of the submission.

After submitting the email, a reply should be added to the forum topic, stating that (in so many words) you have entered a submission for the current contest. If there is more than one topic for the current contest, also name the topic (or topics) for which you wrote an entry (or entries). While this is not required to enter, it is necessary as validation so that the prize is handed out to the appropriate member. Alternatively, you are allowed to submit your entry through the forum topic, though this carries the risk of letting other contestants view your entry before the deadline has been reached.

Prizes will be determined on a per-topic basis. Some topics will be worth more (in terms of their prize) than others. The contest judge (Game Hunter) reserves the right not to award a prize for a given topic in a given contest if none of the entries are of sufficient quality to be worthy of the prize given.

A player can submit an entry for each topic during a contest, and can potentially receive the prize for each one. Multiple entries should be submitted separately: one email per topic.

Each contest will accept entries for about one week: the deadline will always be Midnight GMT of that day (see here for the current GMT time). After the deadline is reached, there will be, at most, a one-week period during which submissions will be examined and a winner for each topic will be determined. After the grading period, prizes will be handed out to winners.

Regardless of the winner, all entries will have their strategies added to the Wiki. These will initially be posted immediately after the contest ends, ordered by date. After all entries are graded and a winner is chosen, the winner's strategy entry will be placed at the top of the page (with the others left unmoved). This entry will then be used as the basis on which to add other components of strategy: the other entries will eventually be merged into this entry (and will be handled by Game_Hunter).

Formatting Guidelines

Entries are expected to be written in a format appropriate for Wiki reading. A good starting place for this is to use a very basic text program such as Notepad. You can also try to write your entry on the Wiki itself, using "Show Preview" to check for errors, then copy-paste it as your entry.

Basic etiquette is as follows:

  • Do not use typical indentations under any circumstance. Indentations using the TAB key have no effect on the display here, and indentations created with spaces are meant for a different task. If you really want indentation, add a colon (:) where the indent would go.
  • Do not use any program-specific stylizations. Wikipedia standards have their own procedures for the styles you may want. You are free to use these in your entry if you believe they will improve the organization of what you are writing. (Here are additional examples if you need a full range of possibilities.)
    • The exception of this format is that you should not use section-based formatting (for example, ==Title==) as this is reserved for possible segmentation of the strategy page itself.
  • Paragraphs should be of an appropriate length. If a paragraph is too short, attempt to merge it with another paragraph containing similar ideas. If a paragraph is too long, either split it into separate paragraphs or use a bullet-point format. This is often expected not just on Wikis but on any Internet forum as well.
  • Remove any word-wrapping before submitting an entry. Otherwise the transfer to the Wiki will require a few thousand backspaces, because the copy-paste was messed up due to the way that word-wrapping handles spaces.

Current Contest


Entry period: submissions will be accepted no later than June 10, 2012 at Midnight (GMT).


  1. Hell's Arena (prize: USD25)
  2. The Chained Court (prize: USD25)

Past Contests

November 9-16, 2011

  1. Rocket launcher (winner: GrimmC)
  2. Intuition (winner: theduck101)
  3. Demon (winner: Elephant)

November 18-27, 2011

  1. Combat shotgun (winner: GrimmC)
  2. Shottyman (winner: theduck101)

January 8-16, 2012

  1. Double shotgun (winner: Kashi)
  2. Reloader (winner: AlterAsc)
  3. Pain elemental (winner: Tormuse)

January 20 - February 3, 2012

  1. Arachnotron (winner: IronBeer)
  2. BFG 9000 (winner: ZicherCZ)
  3. Juggler (winner: shark20061)
  4. Former commando (winner: ZicherCZ)
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