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My username is Game Hunter. I help out as one of the administrators on the Wiki and I am an active member of the Chaosforge community. That's about it!

It's possible that you may know me as TheUberHunter on Youtube. Most of my videos there are Let's Plays of Chaosforge games. Feel free to suggest runs and stuff there or here (just keep it in the talk page).

My history here started in college, around October of 2009, when I started playing DoomRL at the suggestion of a friend. It was something I easily became addicted to and, being one of my first roguelikes, a very new experience. After winning a few games and moving up to the harder difficulty, I noticed that the strategy of the game was relatively undocumented, and hey, that's one of my favorite things to do. Thus I set out to write a guide for collecting badges, of which there are many. Here's the original thread. It's out-of-date as of this writing, and I'm very willing to hand over the project to someone else.

Ideally, I'd like to start moving the guide, piece by piece, into the wiki, specifically into the Strategy namespace, so that a lot more people can contribute to it continuously rather than trying to collect everyone's thoughts through forum replies. If you want to get started on that, go right ahead. I eventually went on to collect a fairly decent number of badges: my record so far is 13 Platinums and 8 Diamonds in version, though I might try to break that when I have the time.

At the start of 2011, I had become a beta tester and was an active participant in helping the game's development. A few of the assemblies you see in the game (stuff like the hyperblaster and tactical shotgun) were suggested by me. Feeling fairly competent at the game (and understanding numerous technical details), I decided to find video recording software and produce some tutorials of the game (see the link to my Youtube channel for those: as outdated as they may be, there's still plenty of advice that applies to later versions). At this point I try to do daily videos of DoomRL, although I sometimes move into other games.

In summer 2011, having conversed with a couple of the community's most robust modders, tehtmi and yaflhdztioxo (a.k.a. add), as well as playing their super-secret projects, I decided to take a crack at the modding business myself. Since then I have begun a rather ambitious project called HereticRL, which seeks to overhaul DoomRL's content and replace it with everything from the game Heretic, a classic first-person shooter that used the original Doom's engine. As of the current modding version the project is "indefinintely stalled", as there are a few technical limitations that prevent further construction, but expect some sort of release parallel to DoomRL

In the meantime, I've been porting old mods to the latest version and writing a series of tutorials to help anyone wanting to learn how to mod themselves. It's good experience for when I can get back to working on HereticRL.

Okay, NOW that's everything. If you want to contact me, send a PM on the forums, post on my talk page, or find me in the IRC channel #chaosforge. I try to make myself available.

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