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Levels are the heart of DoomRL, and without them there would be no game. It is where the player explores, where enemies roam, where special items lie in wait. They are filled with either fortune or your own personal doom.

Basic Objects

All levels are made of basic objects like floors, walls, and doors.

  • HP: This is one of the parameters that governs how difficulty the object is to destroy. Whenever an object takes damage, it's HP is decreased. Once its HP falls to 0, it changes to a floor tile. Some objects cannot be destroyed; these are indicated as "none". Also, some objects have two versions: one that can be destroyed and one that can't.
  • Armor: This also makes objects harder to destroy. Whenever an object takes damage, the object's armor is subtracted from the damage before the damage is subtracted from HP. Unlike the armor of the player and his enemies, objects' armor may reduce damage to 0.
  • Fragile: Objects can usually only be damaged by plasma, fire, or acid damage. Fragile objects can be damaged by any damage type.
Basic Objects
Name Appearance HP Armor Fragile Special
floor · none N/A N/A N/A
blood · none N/A N/A N/A
pool of blood none N/A N/A N/A
Phobos rock . none N/A N/A N/A
wall, blooded wall #, # 10 10 no N/A
bloodstone, blooded wall #, # 15 10 no N/A
green wall # 15 10 no N/A
crate, blooded crate #, #, # 5 5 no N/A
ammo crate, armor crate, blooded crate #, #, # 5 5 yes When destroyed, sometimes leaves behind ammo, armor, boots or medpacks depending on the crate type and seed. Note that walls have HP, a wall's hp can be downgraded to 1HP and still be standing.
closed door + 6 4 yes Can be opened.
locked door + 6 6 yes N/A
open door / none N/A N/A Can be closed.
lever & 10 0 no see link in name for details
barrel of fuel 0 2 3 yes Can be pushed. When destroyed, creates a radius 4 explosion dealing 5d5 fire damage.
barrel of acid 0 2 4 yes Can be pushed. When destroyed, creates a radius 3 explosion dealing 6d6 acid damage, sometimes leaving behind acid tiles.
barrel of napalm 0 2 5 yes Can be pushed. When destroyed, creates a radius 2 explosion dealing 7d7 fire damage, sometimes (often) leaving behind lava tiles.

Random levels

The archetypical level in DoomRL is a randomly-generated one. It is produced in such a way that no two games are particularly alike. There are many special considerations within the game engine, although many of these are technical and unimportant from a gameplay perspective.

Special levels

In stark contrast to random levels, special levels are constant and many of them appear every game. As you gain more experience playing DoomRL, these become stepping stones used as a grip against the turbulent flow of random levels.

For obvious reasons, all of these pages are considered spoilers if you wish to learn how to beat them yourself. Some are particularly spoiler-heavy, though, and are indicated as such here.

Special level placement

Some levels don't spawn on I'm Too Young To Die: Hell's Armory and Deimos Lab, Unholy Cathedral, The Vaults, The Mortuary and Limbo.

Special stairs are always placed on a random empty tile.

Special level pairs are chosen randomly - exactly one from each pair appears per game.

Level Depth
Hell's Arena 2 (Phobos 2)
The Chained Court 5 (Phobos 5)
Phobos Lab/Military Base 7 (Phobos 7)
Hell's Armory/Deimos Lab 9 (Deimos 1)
The Wall/Containment Area 11 (Deimos 3)
City of Skulls/Abyssal Plains 12 (Deimos 4)
Spider's Lair/Halls of Carnage 14 (Deimos 6)
Unholy Cathedral 17 (Hell 1)
The Vaults 19 (Hell 3)
The Mortuary/Limbo 20 (Hell 4)
The Lava Pits/Mt. Erebus 22 (Hell 6)
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