The Wall

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Game Data Strategy
The Wall
Depth: 11
Entrance Text: You feel uneasy.
Reward Text: Peace comes back to this evil place.
Exit Text: If no enemies have been killed:

Hearing them scream soothes the soul...

If only some enemies have been killed:

This must be madness!

If all enemies have been killed

All in all, we're just another brick in the wall.

Monsters on ITYTD: hell knight (x12)
Monsters on HNTR: hell knight (x6), baron of hell (x6)
Monsters on HMP: baron of hell (x14)
Monsters on UV: baron of hell (x12), arch-vile (x2)
Monsters on N!: baron of hell (x12), arch-vile (x2)
Rewards: rocket (12x3), missile launcher, Backpack
Description/tips: This level is paired with the Containment Area. There is a random chance that you'll roll The Wall instead of the Containment Area on level 11.
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