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Specials are the collective grouping of exotics, uniques, and artifacts. They are harder to find than the more standard equipment and items in the game and, for that reason, are far more useful and/or powerful.

Each type of special is differentiated thusly:

  • Exotics are the most common of specials. They are fully moddable and can appear multiple times over the course of a single game.
  • Uniques are, just as the name says, unique in a particular run-through of DoomRL. They only appear once per game, and can only be modded by Technicians (though this depends on the unique, see below). Uniques are normally indestructible by normal means (explosions, including nuking a level), but will be lost if an enemy carries them, and is gibbed.
  • Artifacts are the rarest special, or at least in the broader sense. Whereas exotics and uniques are discovered randomly, artifacts can only appear in particular places in the game. They can be gained each time, of course, although the requirements to get them are often quite dangerous.

Here is a complete list of specials (as of, as seen in the game itself.

blaster combat pistol
assault shotgun plasma shotgun
super shotgun laser rifle
tristar blaster minigun
missile launcher nuclear plasma rifle
nuclear BFG 9000 combat translocator
napalm launcher onyx armor
phaseshift armor phaseshift boots
gothic armor gothic boots
medical armor duelist armor
bullet-proof vest ballistic vest
energy-shielded vest plasma shield
energy shield ballistic shield
acid-proof boots firestorm weapon pack
sniper weapon pack Nano Pack
Onyx Armor Pack shockwave pack
blood skull fire skull
hatred skull chainsaw
BFG 9000
Hell Staff Dragonslayer (MAJOR SPOILERS!!!)
Butcher's Cleaver Trigun
Anti-Freak Jackal Grammaton Cleric Beretta
Jackhammer Revenant's Launcher
Acid Spitter BFG 10K1
Railgun1 Malek's Armor
Cybernetic Armor2 Necroarmor
Medical Powerarmor Lava Armor
Enviroboots Shielded Armor
Hellwave Pack Berserker Armor
Mega Buster Charch's Null Pointer
Mjollnir Subtle Knife
Frag Shotgun Nyarlaptotep's Boots
Angelic Armor Longinus Spear
Azrael's Scythe Arena Master's Staff

1: is a unique or artifact that accepts a single mod or basic assembly

2: is a unique or artifact that accepts all mods and assemblies (for its type)

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