Azrael's Scythe

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Game Data Strategy
Azrael's Scythe - Melee Family
Damage: 9d9/9-81
Average Damage: 45
Damage Type: Plasma
Accuracy: +0
Alternate Fire: Whisper of Death: Deals 20 plasma damage to every living creature on the map (other than you). Causes fatigue and permanently drains 5 max HP from you.
How to get it: Unholy Cathedral, with the additional requirement that you need a 100% kill rate prior to entering it on at least the Hurt Me Plenty difficulty.
Quote on pickup: You perceive an aura of evil around this weapon!
Appearance: \
Ingame Description: You don't want to know whose scythe this is...
Comments/special: N/A
Source: In folklore, Azrael is precisely the Angel of Death.
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