Subtle Knife

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Game Data Strategy
Subtle Knife - Melee Family
Damage: 3d5/3-15
Average Damage: 9
Damage Type: BFG Plasma
Accuracy: +0
Alternate Fire: Invoke
How to get it: Random (15+)
Quote on pickup: Looks very inconspicious.
Appearance: \
Ingame Description: A weapon that can cut the very fabric of reality. Too bad it's only eight inches long...
Comments/special: Using invoke will deal 10 BFG Plasma damage to all enemies you can see, at the cost of making you tired and reducing your max health by 2 points. Takes 1 second to activate.

The Subtle Knife is a blade, so it can be used with Malicious Blades.

Source: His Dark Materialsby Philip Pullman
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