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Game Data Strategy
Blaster - Pistol Family
Damage: 2d4/2-8
Average Damage: 5
Damage Type: Plasma
Accuracy: +3
Base Fire Time: 0.9 seconds
Base Reload Time: 1.0 second
Clip Size: 10
Ammunition: None
Alternate Fire: Aimed shot
Alternate Reload: None
How to get it: Random (4+)
Quote on pickup: None
Appearance: }
Ingame Description: This is the standard issue rechargeable energy side-arm. Cool!
Comments/special: The blaster regenerates 1 ammo on each of the wielder's actions after 2 actions of ceasing fire(for actions that takes at least 0.1s). The blaster counts as a pistol.
Source: Quake II (computer game)
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