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Game Data Strategy

The following is a list of weapons that are classified as the pistol type for the purposes of Challenges and Traits.






About Pistols

Pistols are single-target weapons, and on average possess the highest accuracy bonuses in the game (barring modification or specific assemblies). Despite having a relatively low damage, pistols have a fairly decent clip size which permits multiple shots before reloading. To offset their low damage, there are many, many Traits that apply towards pistols and affect their damage, firing speeds and reload times. In early levels of the game, the pistol will be encountered on nearly every floor.

Pistols are required in the Marksman badge series, which only allows you to use pistol-type weapons (though it includes assembled and special variants) and fists.

Strategy and Optimization

Game Data Strategy

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Firing Rate Details

This article discusses technical aspects of DoomRL and will be of limited interest to most players.

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