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Level feelings are determined at random throughout the game and add features to a particular map. Depending on the level feeling, multiple feelings can exist on the same level.

If you can't find a displayed message here, check the level event page for other possibilities.


  • You feel that smell? That gasoline smell? Oh hell...
    • There is a lever that floods every tile with lava. If you see this message then don't pull any of the levers in the level; it will not be worth the risk, even if you have an envirosuit pack.
  • In the State of Denmark there was the odor of decay...
    • There is a lever that floods every tile with acid. Just as with the level feeling above, don't pull levers if this shows up. Enough points invested into Intuition will make this manageable, however.
  • The air is really humid here...
    • There is a lever that floods every tile with water. Same as the last two, except not deadly at all and can actually be useful in preventing corpses.
  • The smell of a massacre...
    • This indicates the presence of a 'kills creatures' lever that affects all creatures on the map. This is particularly useful early on, as it is capable of destroying most early-game enemies completely.
  • You hear the trumpets of Jericho echoing in the distance...
    • There is a lever that will destroy all walls on the map when pulled. Does not include border walls. Generally a big problem for the player, considering that they make use of the cover more than enemies do.


Each of these feelings indicate that there is a vault somewhere on the level. Multiple instances of these feelings indicate multiple vaults, as well.

  • There's something special here...
  • There's the smell of blood in the air!
  • You feel excited!

Level Type

If this level feeling occurs, it means you get a level type very different in style. In addition, Levers and Vaults feelings cannot occur.

  • Suddenly monsters come from everywhere!
    • Indicates that you have spawned in an Arena.
  • Twisted passages carry the smell of death...
    • Indicates that you have spawned in a Cave.
  • Where the hell is the way out of here!?!
    • Indicates that you have spawned in a Maze.
  • The following messages indicate a single monster level type:
    • You hear many marching feet. (equal distribution of all former-type enemies)
    • The walls are scratched and flame-scorched! (all imps)
    • A battle cry chants in the distance! (equal distribution of hell knights and barons of hell)
    • You hear deep, guttural noises! (all mancubi)
    • Bones clatter all around you! (all revenants)
    • You hear crackling flames! (all arch-viles)
    • Hellish magic haunts air! (half archviles, half formers)
    • You hear loud wails that cannot mean anything good! (all bruiser brothers)
    • The air is crackling with electricity! (all shamblers)
    • Suddenly you have a great urge to turn back! You scream in TERROR! (all Cyberdemons)

Special Levels

If this level feeling occurs, it means there will be a separate set of stairs (colored red) that allows access to one of the special levels.

  • You feel a breeze of morbid air...
  • You sense a passage to a place beyond...
  • You shiver from cold...


  • You feel there is something really valuable here!
    • Somewhere on the level one of the uniques was generated.
  • Khe, he, he. This will be a mess...
    • The level is generated chock-full of barrels. Barrel type depends on depth rather than being random.
  • As you enter, some weird alarm starts howling!
    • All monsters are set to actively hunt the player.
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