DRL released!

4 January 2012

This is a special release, because finally DRL’s world has gotten the shape it was intended to have. While the number of levels got reduced to 24, they are divided into three separate “episodes”, with the grand finale in Dis, against the boss you’ve all asked about!

Apart from the new layout, the AI got its revamp finished — most of the beings now have a new (hopefully smarter) AI! Also present in this version are two new Challenges and a lot of tweaks to the Badge system, new powerup and a ton of tweaks and fixes!

Grab it while it’s hot in the downloads section!

However, before you do, please take a moment and Like! our brand new Offical Facebook Page , and if you didn’t before, follow ChaosForge and my humble self on Twitter to stay fully informed of the next GRAPHICAL release!

Yes, the graphical version you all waited for is almost ready. Even more! ChaosForge Supporters have already been granted access to graphical version beta. So if you can’t wait, donate now, become a Supporter and enjoy the graphical beta! Even if ASCII is your game, take a moment and Support us, for DRL is happening only thanks to you!

Downloads for Windows, Linux (both 32 and 64 bit) and 64 bit MacOS X are provided (the last one should be still considered a bit unstable). All versions include sound, no-sound versions (if requested) will appear with the next version.

Download the new version to jump into the fun, read the announcement on the Forums, join us on IRC ( #chaosforge on QuakeNet ) to celebrate, or read more for detailed info!

· · ·

Stay tuned for more action — DRL work has begun, and a great release it will be! The next version will be the first with graphics support, with an epic tileset from Derek Yu. DRL will be released earlier than the usual release schedule — expect it before March, maybe even in the middle of February! Or if you can’t wait head up to the Treasury, donate, and see the future now!

Keep your eyes open also for a new version of every ChaosForge roguelike — while there have been no official releases, a lot of work went into AliensRL, DiabloRL and Berserk!. Each of them will have a breakthrough release in the first half of this year — no one shall be left behind!

Happy New Year to everyone, the Forge will be strongly with you in 2012!

Full changelist follows…

[new] -- TR#---: 3*8 levels, Phobos Anomaly, Tower of Babel and Dis as "episode" end levels
[new] -- TR#---: New BOSS!
[new] -- TR#---: New Arch-Vile AI, also damage changed to 20 fire-based
[new] -- TR#---: New Mancubus AI
[new] -- TR#---: The Brick Song by Simon Volpert added as Wall soundtrack!
[new] -- TR#---: new config option "MorePrompt" allowing to turn off confirm on too many msg (kornel)
[new] -- TR#---: Angel of Confidence and Angel of Overconfidence (Angel of Haste removed) (game_hunter)
[new] -- TR#039: New PowerUp! (kornel)
[new] -- TR#025: New AI for formers, barons, teleporting bosses, and spawners (game_hunter)
[new] -- TR#---: Exotic weapon: combat pistol (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: All special levels now guaranteed (unless locked out by ITYTD)
[mod] -- TR#---: Cancelling mods on AoI no longer consumes the mod (tehtmi)
[mod] -- TR#---: rapid fire shotguns now benefit from Trigger Happy (kornel)
[mod] -- TR#---: monsters are now subject to normal (variable) firing times (kornel)
[mod] -- TR#---: tweaks in level rewards for very good completion, UE now possible without lucky drops (kornel)
[mod] -- TR#---: Difficult medals give you easier medals of the same series if you haven't already received them (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: Changes medals that were previously both exclusive and inclusive of each other (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: All current assemblies have fixed bonuses (regardless of mod order) (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: main screen detects beta state (kornel)
[mod] -- TR#---: combat, assault and tactical shotgun reload time set to 1.0 (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: player sight is calculated also after his turn - looks better (kornel)
[mod] -- TR#---: lots of AI optimization - please report any slowdowns (kornel)
[mod] -- TR#---: New rewards in Hell's Arena for Berserk, Impatience, Red Alert, Purity, Masochism, Humanity (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: Armorer badges require 12/24/36/48/all specials, up from 10/20/30/40/all (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: Shorter powerup status names (kornel)
[fix] -- TR#---: Using fists on AoB with a weapon equipped no longer gives an inappropriate message (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#---: Using Angel Arm can no longer remove stairs (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#---: JC spawns fixed
[fix] -- TR#---: Sleep timer precision (add)
[fix] -- TR#---: Ballistic armor now gives melee resistance (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#229: Fixed full reload with ammo pack crash (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#---: Trying to fire with not enough (but non-zero) ammo is now instant (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#145: double shotgun and derivative uniques display x2 modifier (kornel)
[fix] -- TR#203: OnRemove is now correctly ran if armor is destroyed on player (bug with set armors) (kornel)
[fix] -- TR#---: rare bug with possibility to destroy level edge walls fixed (kornel)
[fix] -- TR#---: mortem name fixes (game_hunter)


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