DRL Timeline

5241 days ago

This is page is currently under construction, and is not a final working copy. But still a lot of fun to look at while we fiddle with what goes where!

DRL Current: Version
Current Goal: Version 1.0.0

This is a very rough guide, and is not a guarantee of features. But it’s a good outline of what the DRL Design Team (okay, it’s pretty much just Kornel) is looking at for the future. And to get in the mood, it’s all ASCII!

*DRL Version*
 |- Modding server
 |- Multi-level mods
 |- Extended plot
 |- Spider Mastermind
  \  *DRL Version*
   |- Graphics!
   |- New Room Designs
   |- Revamped Ao100?
    \  *Version 1.0.0*
     |- Global Highscore System
     |- Demon Mode
     |- Tutorial Mode
     |- Level Editor

And eventually, somewhere in the future, behond hope, beyond imagination…

DRL 2…