5196 days ago

It’s always good to get an idea of what you’re about to play. Here are some of the basic features of DRL. And when slaying the hordes of Hell makes you thirsty for more, have a look at the features that are being tested for release.

Features – Here and Now (Version

  • 25 Levels of Mostly Random Doom Dungeons
  • Numerous Special Levels
  • Innovative Text Base Gore System
  • Arsenal of Classic Doom Weaponry
  • Wide Range of Assembly, Unique and Exotic Items
  • Trait Based Level System
  • Three Classes, each with their own perks and Master Traits
  • Almost All the Doom Monsters
  • Excellent System for Charting Player Progress
  • Medals Awarded For Excellence
  • Badges Awarded For Advancement
  • Original Doom Sound Effects
  • Original Doom Music
  • Modding System

Wondering when you’ll get to pit your wits again the Spider Mastermind? Or when you’ll get that new Unique demonslaying weapon? When you see it on this list, you know it’s not far off…

Features – Undergoing Testing (Projected Version

  • Multi-level modding with score and player data support
  • Modding server
  • Extended plot and game
  • Rebalanced damage system
  • Many Bugfixes

Of course, if you can’t wait for the next release to test out these (and more) cool features – you can head over to the forums and look into joining ranks with the other Chaosforge Supporters currently playing with (err…testing) these features.