Jupiter Hell, spiritual successor to DRL is now on Steam Early Access!

5 August 2019

ChaosForge is extremely happy that Jupiter Hell, the spiritual successor and unofficial DRL sequel is out on Steam Early Access! Get it here and support its development:

Jupiter Hell on Steam Early Access!

Still random, still turn-based, still grid-based but with a modern coat of paint and lacking a certain IP :P.


  1. Ben · 5 August 2019, 11:02

    Really interested to see how this has turned out.

    It’s been a long time since I played DRL, but has the somewhat wonky sometimes you can draw line of sight but sometimes you can’t thing been tweaked to be more intuitive?

  2. Cragholme · 7 August 2019, 09:41

    Except now we can’t move diagonally for some reason?

  3. Kornel · 9 August 2019, 08:49

    This is a common question, so it’s answered in the FAQ. We’ll probably add the FAQ to the JH homepage too at some point.


  4. Fum · 17 August 2019, 20:12

    Grałem w D***RL milion lat temu jak opublikowałeś go w ramach 7DRL. Dzisiaj oglądam TeamFourStar i ich “bargain barrel” a tam Jupiter Hell. Cholernie gra mi przypominała D***RL więc z ciekawości sprawdziłem i oczywiście, że to Ty :D

    Gratuluje wydania gry i życzę sukcesów.

  5. die_russofobs / Not a slave STEAM-(& bank(s))-onlineDRM · 29 August 2019, 06:32

    Simple, maybe ritorical, 3 questions:
    1) Where – in Downloads source DRL?! (by GPL license)
    2) Where – in Downloads source?!… (also by GPL license)
    3) Where – in Downloads binary?!… (also by GPL license)

    (yes. I am not use STEAM, and don’t want `eat` that drug)

  6. die_russofobs / Not a slave STEAM-(& bank(s))-onlineDRM · 29 August 2019, 10:40

    P.S. // (and sorry `english` – i am non english language man, if so simple reread)

    On pp.1 (DRL): Github – seen, but:

    1) link not in Downloads (near binary place – req.by GPL as i am think, as it – in non equalent accesibility as binary);

    2) Github(as and others) – facticalle non very equalent download GPL autors site
    - becouse can change w/o autors permission and even can(read made) integrate viruses/trojan (+ even in source code[+data]).

    3) e.g.Github now inaccessible(thats to GPL) in early MS OSes / in non last ver max.popularized OSes / or non max.popularized OSes,
    like MS official browser IE6 (even last in yes XP – IE ver.8). Becouse Github now noncomformat with WWW HTML standart (HTML1.0).
    Not MS-official browsers thats can be used – usually deprecated XP and/or 32-bits support
    and additionaly (to MS friends spy servers like Amazon hoster/ets == CIE/FBI & Mossad) – 100% trojaned, and simple can’t be used (as w/o guaranty been virus/trojans injected at downloadable binaryes, or source code(+data) )
    * For ex. Google Chrome browser – already, simple by scandals, well known to many peoples factically:spy-ware/trojan-ware…
    Yes and as MS IE early been, but MS OSes – self trojan and make factically:unathorirhed / unwanted connection self and w/o IE connections to user unathorithed servers – thats made factically unathorirhed connection in IE and as i am think(yes, maybe incorrectly, but) – it made some smaller number unwanted / spy-totalcontrol-servers connections – becouse many unwanted to MS scandals early(ahead win7-8 and more in win10 with its trojan legitimated license its will less agressive spy-ing, why XP) and as beed maded much more detailed checking its code – simple as more popular on PC, and which(scandals) – factically ignored by Google, with it Chrome [and Android OS] (as and MS in w7-8, and win10 realisation).
    * Firefox/derivatives – also early even officially! get from google $1 billion(!!!)
    - for its browser-users spying for google friends (internationl maffia, Mossad maffia and ets), can see details in Internet;
    * Opera – now on (very x{additionally trojanware}-modified plus additionaly partly source-closed) on open (knowly as trojan…)Goole Chrome engine…,
    But even on early – it own engine also made many tens(!) or maybe thounds unathorised connections(also in other all browsers here) – which unreal all stop even in Firewall, becouse connected it parallel with new connections for web-site and its banner/scrips-accesses;
    * some less popular browsers, even (by it authors words…)`uber secure` like w/o google spyware(by it authors words…) – also make user unathorithed connections. And sometime also been closed even open-source code, and even WHEN some time lie/missinform-users that its open-source – but links: absent, or don’t work, or contain garbage data really.
    And open source browsers – also can(&made) links with source code non equalent binary… But also can `legally` store that spy/total-control links for unathorized connections as ficha`s like Address bar search hints, biometry online browser-tab and device-files synchronizations, Antispyware site checking, Sertificates site checheking (for every `https` connection! And yes if it blocked in firewall: webpages/ftp – unaccessible, also as in potentionally Browsers w/o trojan functionallity – but this not simple make it: becouse self standart WWW and JS/Java/Adobe-trojan-Flash-viewer(also deanonimized, and made access to unathrithed files on drive) – all trojan maded from start, really even `fully`-anonimously nets, like Tor)).
    But, as show ahead here: even source code by self (in open source software)
    - non guaranty be non-trojanware. Becouse really no who(non virmaker and mafia in serach backdoors, and mafias like Mossads, FBI, ets) no who check all code and even if want – simple can’t check: becouse very big sizes every software and even browsers(like 1-2 GB) OSes(more GB) and more: (really:virus-distributibe trojaned-)compiler(s) [opensource].
    Thats all troubles – not only in MS and Google OS’es, but in all open and proprietarry NIX’es. Its even nearly-officially satana-writed: see 666(=NIXes full file access in binary stored, in 8-system-counting) = satanists mark, even with its OS-servises renamed as `demons` also as mark thats satanick OS/kernel(s)/standart(s) maded by sataninsts/satan-slave – maded for it can slave all other peoples in world: that thinked – as this OS’es Open its untrojaned… Thats – lie, which many time verified, only by founding many-many-many backdoors for all its history and maked 2 backdoors when patching 1 new – with every new version OS.
    More as system programmer early, i can say: here no-trojanware/total-control OS or even Browser can be maded …technically. All peoples in world sayd else – lie.
    Yes (mind-total-control by technologyes)`New World` – alreaddy fully starts… waited people 666-chipisation (666 hidded uncounted bar-ID number in bar-code like EAN-13, alredy have on nearly every product, and also used as peoples-ID/people-№(as-satanists-slaves) in in-people-chip beometrical or now while partially – only in beometrical paper-passport(s) hiddent-chip and ets; all that 666/Satana slaves ID).
    But, we (all not satanists,really different nationality) – need to be not fooled by all thats hidden-total-control-occupacy… and conversion to satanic-biorobots and cyborgs, ets.
    Thats why we needed maximally decrease spy-totalcontrol elsewhere.