DRL on Roguelike Radio!

20 September 2011

DRL has been featured on Roguelike Radio!

Roguelike Radio is a weekly podcast about roguelikes, where big names of the Roguelike scene dissect and talk about popular modern roguelike games. Be sure not only to check out the recent DRL episode as well as former episodes about Brogue, Cardinal Quest and Desktop Dungeons!

The DRL episode was quite full of critique, especially arguing that DRL has strayed away from it’s simple coffeebreak roots, which the podcasters consider a bad thing. What is your opinion? State it on the Roguelike Radio blog, and help out with DRL’s future direction!

Listen to Roguelike Radio on DRL now!

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  1. Shane · 29 September 2011, 02:56

    Yea, it’s definitely matured a lot since it’s earlier releases, but it’s not a negative factor in any shape. The ease of picking the game up is still coffee-break level, I think the guy has it wrong presuming that instant gratification of the game equates to completion within a short time span.