DRL on Roguelike Radio!

20 September 2011

DRL has been featured on Roguelike Radio!

Roguelike Radio is a weekly podcast about roguelikes, where big names of the Roguelike scene dissect and talk about popular modern roguelike games. Be sure not only to check out the recent DRL episode as well as former episodes about Brogue, Cardinal Quest and Desktop Dungeons!

The DRL episode was quite full of critique, especially arguing that DRL has strayed away from it’s simple coffeebreak roots, which the podcasters consider a bad thing. What is your opinion? State it on the Roguelike Radio blog, and help out with DRL’s future direction!

Listen to Roguelike Radio on DRL now!

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DRL released!

1 September 2011

This releases highlight is the introduction of player Classes — each class apart from it’s own all-game perks has also it’s own set of 5 Master Traits! Choose between the hardy Marine, the nimble Scout and the smart Technician!

Apart from classes, there’s a ton of new stuff — a new basic item type (ammo packs), new level events, a rebooted resistance system, new uniques, exotics and assemblies and new AI for many of the beings!

Grab it while it’s hot in the downloads section!

Both Windows and Linux versions are available — and there’s a experimental Linux 64-bit version too! Also, a MacOS X version has been prepared, but it’s untested yet — if you have a Mac, please drop by the forums and help us add Mac OS X to the supported platforms!

As you may have noted, ChaosForge is upholding it’s release schedule — thanks to your generous support! Next beta will appear for Supporters at most in a month (and I promise it will be BIG, for work on it has already started!), while the final version is scheduled for 1st of January 2012. Please be sure to check out the ChaosForge treasury and if you think that ChaosForge games gave you something, then why not give something back! ChaosForge is being kept alive and rollin’ by people like you!

Download the new version to jump into the fun, read the announcement on the Forums, join us on IRC ( #chaosforge on QuakeNet ) to celebrate, or read more for details!

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DRL Tutorials on YouTube!

20 June 2011

One of our forum regulars and top players, Game Hunter, has started posting high quality DRL tutorials on YouTube — be sure to check them out! For the better players among you, there’s a chance to see Game Hunter achieve Hell Arena Pwnage medal — beating Hell Arena on N! without taking damage!

Thank you, Game Hunter!

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