DRL released!

19 March 2013

This release is dedicated to NEW content. There are several new special levels paired with the old ones for greater randomness! Visit the Military Base, find Mt. Erebus or feel the dread of Limbo. Along with new special levels, there are new level generators and enhancements to the old ones.

For the pro-players, we have brand-new Dual-Angel and Archangel challenges (with a corresponding hidden Badge level), and Custom challenges for everyone. Be sure to also check out Gunrunner, the new Scout master trait!

And if that isn’t enough, we’ll give you more content soon, this time easier than ever, for DRL comes equipped with a connection to the ChaosForge ModServer! Expect new mods, new challenge maps (for which you can gain badges!) to appear on a regular basis!

Grab it while it’s hot in the downloads section, for Windows, Linux or Mac OS X ( bundle! ) !

However, before you do, please take a moment and Like! our official ChaosForge Facebook Page and/or ChaosForge Google+ Page , as well as follow @ChaosForge and @epyoncf on Twitter to stay informed of news of work on the next release!

If you’re a returning player (or a donation driven development supporter!) consider donating to ChaosForge to celebrate the release!

Download the new version to jump into the fun or join us on IRC ( #chaosforge on QuakeNet ) or the ChaosForge Forum to celebrate or read below for the full changelog!

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ChaosForge Donation Drive - initial goal reached, Stretch Goals posted!

6 November 2012

Thanks to many great people, we have reached our initial goal, thank you everyone! As promised, we also publish the stretch goals for this Donation Drive — if you love DRL, you’ll love these!

Head to the forum and read all about them!

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ChaosForge Donation Drive

30 October 2012

Peril has struck the ‘Forge and we need your help! Head to the ChaosForge forums to read all about it! And know that your name, unique item or even a level can be in the next version of DRL!

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