DRL released!

19 March 2013

This release is dedicated to NEW content. There are several new special levels paired with the old ones for greater randomness! Visit the Military Base, find Mt. Erebus or feel the dread of Limbo. Along with new special levels, there are new level generators and enhancements to the old ones.

For the pro-players, we have brand-new Dual-Angel and Archangel challenges (with a corresponding hidden Badge level), and Custom challenges for everyone. Be sure to also check out Gunrunner, the new Scout master trait!

And if that isn’t enough, we’ll give you more content soon, this time easier than ever, for DRL comes equipped with a connection to the ChaosForge ModServer! Expect new mods, new challenge maps (for which you can gain badges!) to appear on a regular basis!

Grab it while it’s hot in the downloads section, for Windows, Linux or Mac OS X ( bundle! ) !

However, before you do, please take a moment and Like! our official ChaosForge Facebook Page and/or ChaosForge Google+ Page , as well as follow @ChaosForge and @epyoncf on Twitter to stay informed of news of work on the next release!

If you’re a returning player (or a donation driven development supporter!) consider donating to ChaosForge to celebrate the release!

Download the new version to jump into the fun or join us on IRC ( #chaosforge on QuakeNet ) or the ChaosForge Forum to celebrate or read below for the full changelog!

· · ·

Apart from the aforementioned major changes, there are tweaks and bugfixes galore — check out the full version.txt below. Additionally, for the first time, we have a more-or-less working Mac OS X package made as a regular OS X dmg — you might need to manually allow it’s execution after installation.

Modding is now easier than ever, so if you are technically inclined, why not consider writing a mod? In the days ahead, all relevant changes to the Modding API will appear on the DRL Wiki, and the Modding sub-forum will probably get to see a lot more action!

This is a content-focused release. The next release will upgrade the UI and graphics, and introduce balance changes and tweaks that will inevitably pop up after such a huge boost in content. Expect to see it a lot sooner than the former, work has already began!

Full changelist follows…

[new] — TR#194: online Mod Server added!
[new] — TR#194: online MOTD, Alerts and Version Check added!
[new] — TR#273: Custom Challenges (Mods with awards) enabled!
[new] — TR#—-: Dual-Angel challenges!
[new] — TR#228: Archangel challenges!
[new] — TR#—-: Hidden badge level!
[new] — TR#—-: custom award system for mods added
[new] — TR#194: 3 old mods available for download (more will follow), all with awards
[new] — TR#235: Gunrunner as new Scout master trait ( removed Running Man )
[new] — TR#—-: new special level – Containment Area (paired with The Wall)
[new] — TR#—-: new special level – Phobos Lab (paired with Military Base)
[new] — TR#—-: new special level – Mt. Erebus (paired with Lava Pits)
[new] — TR#—-: new special level – Limbo (paired with The Mortuary)
[new] — TR#—-: new special level – Deimos Lab (paired with Hells Armory)
[new] — TR#—-: new special level – Abyssal Plains
[new] — TR#243: new special level – Military Base (game_hunter)
[new] — TR#—-: music tracks by Simon Volpert for The Vaults and (un)Chained Court added!
[new] — TR#—-: 6 new uniques, dedicated to Supporters, one of them as a set item!
[new] — TR#—-: new cave-city generator type
[new] — TR#—-: alternative layout for fluid rooms
[new] — TR#—-: new level type added
[new] — TR#—-: two new higher-tier level events added!
[new] — TR#—-: special crates that might have loot inside
[new] — TR#—-: elite versions of former humans (mostly in Ao100 or N!)
[new] — TR#—-: new lostsoul_ai for Lost Souls, increased stats to compensate (game_hunter)
[new] — TR#—-: new mastermind_ai for Spider Mastermind, lowered damage to compensate (game_hunter)
[mod] — TR#296: all BFG weapons now have insane gibbing and armor chew capabilities, no damage drop on radius and lower damage/radius
[mod] — TR#295: Shottyman works for rocket launchers too (and their exotic/unique versions)
[mod] — TR#—-: tacboots loose dodge bonus
[mod] — TR#—-: added dedicated entry messages to all of the special levels
[mod] — TR#—-: HoCarnage made harder, moved to L14 (D6) and paired with Spider’s Lair (which also has BFG9k now)
[mod] — TR#—-: special levels reordered
[mod] — TR#—-: some unique armors were added resistances
[mod] — TR#—-: cleaned up and added a few skill ranks
[mod] — TR#—-: corridors will no longer be valid fluid rooms
[mod] — TR#—-: Hells Armory has a guaranteed Exotic or Unique
[mod] — TR#—-: main reward for Hells Armory might not be random
[mod] — TR#—-: added eligible supporter names to the random names database
[mod] — TR#—-: added a message when an ammo box runs out.
[mod] — TR#—-: G-version – cave levels use different wall/floor sets
[mod] — TR#—-: more variety in the composition of monsters in cave levels
[mod] — TR#—-: some level events and level generators won’t appear on ITYTD
[mod] — TR#—-: level types, level events and special rooms made more evenly distributed (+ tweaks)
[mod] — TR#—-: Allow long character name entry (26 characters)
[mod] — TR#—-: Sleep time for loops changed from 1ms to 10ms (should significantly reduce processor load)
[mod] — TR#—-: a few uniques have been added set mods they disassemble to
[mod] — TR#—-: various minor tweaks with the existing special levels (often random enemy placement)
[mod] — TR#—-: variety in hells arena layout
[mod] — TR#—-: arena levels have more interesting architecture
[mod] — TR#—-: Hell’s Armory is surrounded by lava instead of wall
[mod] — TR#—-: rank info shows progress toward requirement
[mod] — TR#281: unique/exotic earlygame generation block (depending on diff-level)
[mod] — TR#—-: new variation added to an old level generator
[mod] — TR#—-: various item tweaks on special levels (game_hunter)
[mod] — TR#—-: new map design to Spider’s Lair (game_hunter)
[mod] — TR#286: player info screen displays more pertinent info (game_hunter)
[fix] — TR#—-: Fireangel fixed (game_hunter)
[fix] — TR#—-: fixed crash in which kills were registered to equipped armor (game_hunter)
[fix] — TR#—-: piercing blade correctly maintains damage amount (game_hunter)
[fix] — TR#—-: failing to equip from the ground takes no time, plays no sound
[fix] — TR#—-: fixed sound coming from far away when player uses teleporter
[fix] — TR#—-: fixed barrel sound bindings in low-quality version
[fix] — TR#—-: G-version – Hell’s Armory had wrong style value
[fix] — TR#—-: fixed arena level visual looks
[fix] — TR#—-: sound for boss explosions restored
[fix] — TR#—-: linebreaks of plot screens fixed
[fix] — TR#—-: plasma and acid were supposed to be better with gibbing corpses on ground, not worse
[fix] — TR#—-: fixed possible access violation with IF_SPREAD (mancubi)
[fix] — TR#—-: Choose direction prompts now accept mouse input
[fix] — TR#—-: All ways of acquiring special items should contribute to stats
[fix] — TR#—-: Canceling mods takes no time
[fix] — TR#—-: assembling the same assembly more than once will get properly counted
[fix] — TR#—-: fixed Full Win detection on non-25 level maps
[fix] — TR#—-: fixed deadly chill event
[fix] — TR#—-: fixed an edge case of SoaG 5 + Bullet dance timing
[fix] — TR#—-: fixed Destroyer Diamond Badge.
[fix] — TR#—-: player will no longer start a special level on a monster
[fix] — TR#—-: overcharged plasma rifle can’t be chainfired
[fix] — TR#—-: fixed Reaper Diamond badge
[fix] — TR#—-: explicit level styles on all special levels – should fix fluid edge glitches


  1. Catatonic-oyster · 20 March 2013, 18:48

    Great work! I check this page almost weekly hoping for updates.

  2. BrewFall · 21 March 2013, 20:31

    I feel a certain tension…

  3. Joey · 28 April 2013, 10:53

    Awesome, love this game, love all the work you put into it, cheers