Phobos Times (Issue 3, January)

10 January 2010

Monthly newsletter of Chaosforge!

Issue No. 3 – Happy New Year!

The ChaosForge makes a big push in to 2010 – and we know this will be the most exciting year for us yet! Several online communities are buzzing with the latest development news and the sneak peeks at the graphics version released this month. We’re excited to bring you the first many featured articles, an interview with supporter turned PR man – MaiZure. Enjoy!

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Phobos Times (Issue 2, December)

11 December 2009

Monthly newsletter of ChaosForge!

Issue No. 2 – 14 December 2009

Welcome back for the second issue of the Phobos Times, the official newsletter of the ChaosForge! Last month finally saw the release of the long-awaited version 0.9.9. If you thought that meant break-time for another six months, think again! We have a lot in store for all members this month (especially donors!)

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Phobos Times (Issue 1, November)

10 November 2009

Monthly newsletter of Chaosforge!

Issue No. 1 – November 2009

Hello World! – And welcome to the shiny new Chaosforge monthly “newsletter”, brought to you by Aki, Madtrixr and of course, by popular demand! We’re here to keep the community updated on the latest and greatest in community news, project developments, and just about anything else that’s important. Check back each month (at least!) for the latest in CF goodness. So without further ado…

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