Phobos Times (Issue 2, December)

11 December 2009

Monthly newsletter of ChaosForge!

Issue No. 2 – 14 December 2009

Welcome back for the second issue of the Phobos Times, the official newsletter of the ChaosForge! Last month finally saw the release of the long-awaited version 0.9.9. If you thought that meant break-time for another six months, think again! We have a lot in store for all members this month (especially donors!)

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Community Voices

The buzz on the beta boards has been version Yes, you heard that right! Less than one month since 0.9.9 and the testing team is hard at work again with a host of new features, including a new weapon class (exotics), a secret feature designed for Ao100, and much much more.

DRL 2! Let us repeat, D**m, the Roguelike 2 is in the planning stages. This new project will turn our favorite casual roguelike in to a full-fledged Doom RPG with many new features, game modes, and excitement based on the years of suggestions that right here on the forums. Check out the news straight from Kornel’s blog here.

Some folks like to put in their two cents about what should be in the next version. These days, two cents just doesn’t cut it and so now we have the Bounty Board! Want a feature bad enough? Pledge a donation for a specific feature on the bounty board and it just might happen sooner than you think. Right now the bounty for DRL 2 is climbing! Here is the link , read the rules before posting!

Development Progress BETA 1 is live and in the hands of donators and beta testers! We expect a quick turnaround, especially compared to the time 0.9.9 spent in development. For those who fear having to restart from scratch, all of the player files will be backward compatable from now on!

Tip of the Month

You don’t always have to see the baddies to take them down… sometimes it pays to spray, pray, and run away. The shottymen around here live by this rule.

MoM! (Mortem of the Month)

This month’s hero-worship goes to… Madtrixr, whose Ao100 run in the beta has brought to light many things, including some mysterious new entities! He also had a story that accompanied his experience. Read it here !


The Forum has hit 1000 members!! If that isn’t enough, we have gained over 80 members this month. Considering the forum is over four years old, it’s amazing to see an 8% growth rate in one month! Thank you everyone!

The successful PC donation drive last month will speed up development immensely. Special thanks to all of the Anonymous donors out there. The Donation drive for December, after the blockbuster that was the Chaosforge PC drive, has started off well, the goal is $300, and we are, so far, 18% there. Keep Chaosforge running by donating !

December Goal: $300.00
Net Balance: $52.97
Below Goal: $247.03

Thanks to all of the community support, development speed continues to gain momentum. Stay tuned for the newsletter next month for all the latest happenings around the ChaosForge!