Phobos Times (Issue 1, November)

10 November 2009

Monthly newsletter of Chaosforge!

Issue No. 1 – November 2009

Hello World! – And welcome to the shiny new Chaosforge monthly “newsletter”, brought to you by Aki, Madtrixr and of course, by popular demand! We’re here to keep the community updated on the latest and greatest in community news, project developments, and just about anything else that’s important. Check back each month (at least!) for the latest in CF goodness. So without further ado…

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Feature Article

You’re probably wondering what this is all about. Wonder no longer, as this month’s special is going to take a quick peek into what you can expect in the future. We decided to put a newsletter out to keep people informed and interested. The usual suspect ideas are:

  • Community News: This would highlight stuff that’s been going on in the community that might be interesting.
  • Project Development: What’s going on with the latest version and betas.
  • Fun Statistics: How the community and DRL are going, figures-wise.
  • White Noise: Random emails from the community

This Featured Article section will normally be an article written by a selected member of the community on random (but relevent!) topics that we should all know about.

Community Voices

The chatter on all the forums this month is the new features of version 0.9.9. Here’s a link to the official topic. Check the discussion board (here) for all of the latest about medals, the new Chainfire mode, the new rank system, Master Traits, and the endless character build possibilities.

The PBF has been booming, with an astounding amount of activity. The link to the MRS Morey PBF is here, and the Machine Spirit PBF is here

Development Progress

In case you missed the last paragraph, the long awaited 0.9.9 has been recently released! Hop over to the Downloads section and download it.

Kornel is currently hard at work on the betas. In fact, he has a couple of ideas floating around that he would like to discuss, including Exotic weapons. First beta should be out this year for supporters!

Remember everyone, we are one step closer to the graphics version. And we swear we’ve heard rumors of a DRL 2 somewhere… No need to wait until the next newsletter for development updates – Jump over to Kornel’s personal blog.

Tip of the Month

Remember that almost all projectiles can be dodged (except the shotgun, so look out for former sergeants) – even ones that were hitscan in the original Doom. To dodge a projectile, you need to move out of it’s projected line of fire. A good way to do this is move diagonally away/towards the enemy.

Here’s a link to a guide that one of our esteemed members, Thomas, has written.

MoM! (Mortem of the Month)

And this months nod to lunacy dedication goes to…DERVIS
He rightfully obtained that Elite Diamond badge! He’s certainly earned the “Nightmare Berzerker” title fair and square. Check out the mortem and discussion here!


This month, the forum has (920) members. Click here to see more stats!

So far, since the start of October, the Donation Drive for a new Chaosforge PC has amounted to nearly $861. We’re 57% of the way there! Click here to donate or to view more specific information on who’s donated. Don’t forget, the deadline for this drive is November 20th!

The End Is Near?

It’s never the end in the CF community…and we need you’re help! Tell us what you think of our newsletter over at the forums, or comment directly on this from the main page. And if you really don’t like it, see you in Hell… Phobos Hell, that is…


  1. drugon · 1 December 2009, 19:03

    What about “Berserk!” and “AliensRL”? Will we see new versions of that games?