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Game Data Strategy

Berserker's second ability is probably the most underrated one. The 10 hp rule is in place for the sake of (Arch)Angel of Humanity - you won't notice this effect in regular games unless you have used the Trigun/Azrael's Scythe extensively.

From the traits page, you can see that the effect gives you 20 turns of berserk when you're hit by a single source of damage that's equal to 1/3 or more of your max hp - sorry, no arachnotrons sending you berserk. However, there's a few mechanics that arn't specified there that really make this useful.

First of all, it's 1/3 of your hpMAX floored - so if you're playing as a scout/technician, this means that you need to be hit for 16 or more damage. If you're playing as a marine, you need to be hit for 20 or more damage. If you're playing as a marine with Iro 3, you need to be hit by a whopping damage. Keep this in mind when selecting your traits/class - what this means is that essentially you could get a free berserk every time the Cyberdemon or Angel of Death melee you when playing as a scout/technician

Secondly, the damage needed to send you berserk is rolled for before taking your protection and resistances into account - hence if you had no points in Iro but wore fireproof red armor, a Revenant rocket could send you berserk despite doing very little damage. This also means that a cyberdemon rocket could send you berserk despite having the Inquisitor's set equipped.

Lastly, the berserk effect is activated before damage calculation. This means that you gain an additional 60% resistance to everything in addition to the effects of your equipped armor and traits - meaning the Revenant rocket in the previous example could berserk you with as little as 1 damage done to you.

Might want to think twice about running away from that Cyberdemon now, right? Aki (talk) 03:51, 5 October 2013 (CEST)

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