DRL released!

1 May 2011

DRL has been released!

While numerous bugs have been fixed, the changes brought by this version serve but a one function: enhance the variety and mood of DRL and they do so by many different means.

Grab it while it’s hot in the downloads section! Both Windows and Linux 32-bit versions are available — porting to Linux 64 and Mac OS X is planned, but no guarantees as for the date.

As promised, we entered a tighter release schedule — next beta will appear for Supporters at most in a month, while the official release is scheduled again for no later than in 4 months. Please be sure to check out the ChaosForge treasury and if you think that ChaosForge games gave you something, then why not give something back :).

Check out the official announcement or read more about the release…

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First, there are numerous enhancements to the level generation – enhancements and additions. Staple of FPS genre, crates lying around randomly will now appear on previously empty levels, filling them with cover and tension – and that is just a first on a list of various additions to level generation. More, a number of new level events have been added, rendering the late game experience much more unique with lava flood, necromantic energies and much more.

Talking about levels: the DoomGuy level cap was raised from 20 to 25 to satisfy the ever growing Ao100 crowd. Along with this change, it has become possible to raise basic traits above their old caps as well – a marine on clevel 25 is now a beast nearly as powerful as Cyberdemon.

In other news: a number of new medals and badges ranging in difficulty from “absurdly easy” to “wait, what?” found its way into DRL too, and a few new interesting exotics (including a number of consumables), uniques and a number of assemblies joined them, increasing variability of the game even more.

Last but not least, this version marks the beginning of Grand Work of AI overhaul. Demons and lost souls were made wiser thanks to it, and this, as I have already mentioned in this very sentence is only the beginning.

[add] -- TR#---: Level events! Three already implemented, more to come!
[add] -- TR#---: dungeon levels now may have rivers!
[add] -- TR#---: warehouse level-type and room-type
[add] -- TR#---: max level changed to 25, after char level 12 all basic traits are pickable to a higher level (3 or 5)
[add] -- TR#---: Too Hot Down Here by Simon Volpert added as midi for Lava Pits
[add] -- TR#---: Halls of Carnage and City of Skulls... more interesting
[add] -- TR#---: start of AI overhaul -- new AI for demons and skulls
[add] -- TR#---: three new basic assemblies, two new advanced assemblies
[add] -- TR#---: 15 new badges -- ranks adjusted, and a experience rank for masochists too ;)
[add] -- TR#---: two new medals
[add] -- TR#---: four new really fun exotics (one weapon, three "packs"), two uniques!
[add] -- TR#---: new rare power up
[add] -- TR#---: one more inventory slot!
[add] -- TR#185: known assemblies screen in-game
[add] -- TR#178: configurable timestamp format for mortem and screenshot folder (and a sensible default)
[add] -- TR#---: difficulty and challenge codes on player screen
[add] -- TR#---: highlights for invulnerability, berserk and envirosuit status effects
[add] -- TR#---: config allows for command chaining
[add] -- TR#---: command.use_item for quickkeys for using items
[mod] -- TR#134: Ammochain requires TH2 and Rel2
[mod] -- TR#---: armor/boots made more rare, armor shards more common
[mod] -- TR#---: Hell Armory guaranteed on HNTR+
[mod] -- TR#---: max 4 feature rooms in city and tiled levels
[mod] -- TR#---: removed item/being limit from levels
[mod] -- TR#---: power mod color changed to light red
[mod] -- TR#---: armor/medical depot now doesn't waste charges if there's nothing to do (and has custom depletion message too!)
[mod] -- TR#---: minor balancing on existing assemblies
[mod] -- TR#---: alternative reward of Cathedral is guaranteed if req's are met
[mod] -- TR#---: no Vaults special level on ITYTD
[mod] -- TR#176: EmptyConfirm now works with unpumped combat shotguns and multiammo weapons
[mod] -- TR#---: shamblers and LE's will now respect their soundbinds (except .fire)
[mod] -- TR#---: AoPu Hell Armory always spawns a non-schematic reward
[mod] -- TR#---: quick level skips noted in player history
[mod] -- TR#---: UV+ spawns sergeants inside not outside base entry
[fix] -- TR#184: DRL is again Windows 95/98 compatible!
[fix] -- TR#---: all corpses are now gibbable
[fix] -- TR#---: fists no longer use wielded weapon attack time
[fix] -- TR#175: the player will no longer teleport or spawn in a locked vault
[fix] -- TR#182: spawning when there's no room (lava) wont crash anymore
[fix] -- TR#189: LS/AA bug fixed (finally!)
[fix] -- TR#186: double nuking cyberdemon bug fixed
[fix] -- TR#187: sound crash on too quick death sequence skip
[fix] -- TR#188: endless teleporter bug fixed
[fix] -- TR#---: Unholy Cathedral is permawalled now
[fix] -- TR#---: acid barrels will once again spawn on higher levels
[fix] -- TR#---: ammo rooms with rockets will be generated again
[fix] -- TR#190: BB code screenshots fixed
[fix] -- TR#---: fixed Arena Master CC on N! bug
[fix] -- TR#---: API inv.add, inv[] and eq[] now take string id's also
[fix] -- TR#174: bulk-modded minigun wont crash (ammo and ammomax limit raised)
[fix] -- TR#177: chaining assemblies not possible anymore

Compatibility note: Player and Score files are compatible (and always will be), config files are not — there’s an added keybinding and a few new options.


  1. slartie · 8 May 2011, 11:54

    Kornel – dude! DRL is the first RL I have felt was easy and intuitive enough for complete RL newbies to pick up and play. Fantastic job.

    I’m primarily a Mac user, but I had to boot up the virtual machine to check this one out. An hour and 13 levels later I found myself wanting to give this game another bash at a higher level immediately.

    Keep up the great work, and let me know if I can assist in any way on the Mac side of things.

  2. spiderwebby · 17 May 2011, 06:58

    Kornel – dude! As a complete RL newbie, I must say DRL was both easy and intuitive enough to pick up and play (sorry, I couldn’t help myself)

    It could do with a quick tutorial though (or at least flashy arrows pointing to the controls section in the manual)

    Good work, have moneys!

  3. Dave · 8 June 2011, 22:25

    I think there used to be a fund to donate for the mac port or something… but that was a year or two ago, don’t know if that is still a living breathing thing or not.